Homescreen 2015

April 2014

Well, I don’t change my homescreen often enough to warrant a monthly post, but I think changing it every time I upgrade my iPhone is more reasonable.

I went with the iPhone 6S Plus in White/Silver. Going from the iPhone 5, this size has taken some getting used to, but I’ve really come to enjoy it!

The battery life alone really makes it a win for me. We recently went to Minneapolis for an extended weekend. On one of the days, we headed out around 1100 to explore the city on bikes and foot. I left with only 56% battery. After a day of navigating with Google Maps, searching for places to eat, taking photos, etc, the battery was still at 19%.



  • Tweetbot 4 - the best Twitter client. Especially with the latest update and a nice landscape view on the Plus.
  • Fantastical - my favourite calendar app. I also use it for reminders.
  • Day One - I keep track of my life here. Lately I’ve been using it as my own personal Instagram.
  • Fresh Air - my latest favourite weather app. There’s a free ad-supported version.
  • Instagram - Pictures. Follow me @josiahwiebe if you’re curious what I’m up to.
  • 1Password - I use this every day. All of my web passwords are randomly generated, so I use the 1P extension all the time. It’s nice to see more and more apps starting to use it. Royal Bank, you need to get on this stat!
  • App Store
  • Dropbox - I store my life here.
  • VSCOCam - for cleaning up photos a bit.
  • Editorial - for writing/scripting. I wrote this post here.
  • Simplenote - I’ve just switched back to Simplenote and am loving it again (previously Vesper).
  • Trello - used for work, organising tasks and whatnot.
  • Photos
  • Mail
  • Music
  • Settings
  • Messages
  • Mailbox - Dropbox’s mail client. Works pretty well, but doesn’t support my Fastmail account :(
  • Safari
  • Slack - my favourite and most used app. For team communication.